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Occupied Cascadia the Film


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‘Occupied Cascadia’ is a documentary film exploring the evolving concept of bioregionalism across this land base.  Historically, the diverse voices throughout this land have paved the way for many movements. We feel we have captured an essence of this evolving culture. So, what defines the people of this region?

With resource wars upon us, governments are more oppressive than ever, global economies are destabilizing, corporations and media are continually dividing us and most seem to have some notion of an imminent collapse on the horizon.  Are we capable of coming together, and if so, where do our commonalities lie?

The people of Cascadia are diverse in opinions, stories and backgrounds and much like the larger nations we are a part of, we are divided by fundamentalism.  What changes must we really make in order to provide for future generations, including the natural world?  Explore these concepts and more.

We have released a director’s cut, more or less, but will be editing down a shorter version to submit to film festivals.  Please stay tuned for more!


What a beautiful and satisfying film from every perspective. Rather than being a film that intends to exhort or
encourage people to action or change, Occupied Cascadia is rather a bold statement that the consciousness
of Post-Petroleum Human has arrived, is flourishing and is securely rooted in the human experience. The
photography and editing is some of the best I have ever seen and the score is Oscar quality.

The cast, including my good friends Derrick Jensen and Charles Eisenstein, is a pantheon of super-articulate,
clear, awake and powerful eloquence that resonates more like a victory speech than a campaign stop.
Cascadia has played a huge role in nurturing my career and life path and I will always feel deep connection
there. Occupied Cascadia cements one central concept as an anchor for the future of our species and our planet:
Bioregional “government” will be the foundational starting point for our relationship with each other, with all
life on the planet and throughout the universe.

Speaking as an elder in the sustainanbility/transition movement, I am well-gratified to see this much progress
displayed by so many brilliant, awake and loving women and men, in such a superbly crafted vehicle. The film
documents the reaching of a major milestone in the evolution of human consciousness.

Michael C. Ruppert

Author: Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil”;
and “Confronting Collapse”

Star: “Collapse” (2009, Bluemark Films)